From Russia with Love.

Russia is not only known for its magnificent architecture, beautiful women

and good food but it will also amaze you

with one of a kind exquisite jewelry created by local artists.

Russian Lacquer Art was developed from the art of icon painting.

After Russian revolution in 1917 icon painters were forced to stop

creation of religious art and

transfer the styles and techniques of icon-painting to

painting subjects such as fairy-tales and folk scenes

on papier-mache boxes and jewelry.

Four Russian lacquer art centers are





Here are some examples of

superb craftsmanship from my personal collection

This brooch named ” Boyarishnya ” which is a member of the old aristocracy in Russia, next in rank to a prince.

This piece was created in Fedoskino and signed by N. Mitrofanov

Hand painted Mother of Pearl set in german silver

comes in original box with original paperwork

dated year 1990 .

Baltic Amber is a huge part of Russian jewelry making.

There is a lot of myths and stories about Amber but my favorite is

Lithuanian myth ” The story of lost love “

Perkunas, God of Thunder, was the father God and his daughter was Jurate,

a mermaid who lived in an amber palace in the Baltic.

One day a fisherman named Kastytis would cast his nets

to catch fish from Jurate’s kingdom.

The goddess sent her mermaids to warn him to stop fishing in her domain.

He did not stop, so Jurate went herself to demand he stop.

Once she saw him she fell in love and brought him back to her amber palace.

Perkunas, knowing Jurate was promised to Patrimpas, God of Water,

was angered to find his daughter in love with a mortal.

Perkunas destroyed the amber palace with a bolt of lightning to kill her mortal lover.

Her palace was destroyed and Jurate was chained to the ruins for eternity.

When storms in the Baltic stir the sea,

fragments from the amber palace wash up on shore.

They are the tears from the grieving goddess,

as she weeps tears of amber for her tragic love.

Add a little color to your world with one of a kind vintage jewelry from Russia.


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